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Fic: Clean Up the Dead You Leave Behind

Title: Clean Up the Dead You Leave Behind
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shepard has enough to worry about with the Reaper War without chasing ghost stories. But some ghosts are more real than others and wear familiar face (Or the Winter Soldier AU nobody asked for but is getting anyways).
Author's Notes: Written for the 2018 Mass Effect Big Bang.

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Calvin & Hobbes - Writing

LJ Claims Tables - In Progress

Claim table for 25crossovers for Buffy Summers:

01. Supernatural 02. Sprit 03. Demon 04. Ghost 05. Reaper
06. Scarecrow 07. Psychic 08. Darkness 09. Heaven 10. College
11. Skin 12.Vampire 13. Shadow 14. Life 15. Lover
16. Walk Away 17. Fire 18. Car 19. Heart 20. Blood
21. Salt 22. Motel 23. Broke 24. Fear 25. The End


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Torchwood - Tosh

The Not Wishlist Holiday Fic Thing

So, because life has been hella hella hectic with work and life (but mainly work), I kinda missed the wishlist fic sign ups, but I still want to write things for folks (and I promise I will get to the people from last year's wishlist! It will happen! cross my heart, pinky swear). SO. The first 8 folks to comment with characters, fandoms, and prompts will get something.

Fandoms I accept:

+ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
+ Star Wars
+ Doctor Who/Torchwood (No Miracle Day)
+ Warehouse 13
+ Mercedes Thompson Series
+ Marvel Cinematic Universe (Includes Agents of SHIELD)
+ The West Wing
+ Battlestar Galactica (reboot)
+ October Daye Series
+ Sleepy Hollow
+ Batman (Nolan-verse)
+ Elementary